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Poem Book
This Way Again
Boadicea’s Daughter
Love Means Nothing

Purple water moving

    Softly flowing in

        Against the rocks caresses,

    A touch, and out again.

I had to leave the city

    For safe harbor by the sea

        To watch the gentle waters crash

    Upon the rocks, without me.

How strange to be the watcher

    Instead of one who heals

        To simply hear the ocean crash    

    And not know how it feels.

The inward waves, they soothe me 

    Receding, they take the pain     

        I wonder why I ever left

    Just to come this way again.

Written after the Pulse Nightclub massacre in Orlando.

She is beautiful in spirit and mind

And damaged by a chance encounter

She is strength of the most courageous kind

In facing the ordeal fate has dealt her

She is power, and turning to fight back

Rains torrents down on firestorms

She endured the most ancient attack

She is our survival in her precious form

Love means nothing to me now, 

I flew close to sun and fell

Out of orbit to the edge

And grasp onto the first ring of hell

Climbing slowly from the ledge

I slipped twice more, but well,

I guess I chose to live instead.

But is it love that should be gone

Or the illusions that I had of you

The magician, and the con

A story that was never true

Like tarot cards, the reading’s wrong.

The hanged man, yes, I think, is you.

Waves of grass and songs in trees

Scents of flowers sooth my flaws

I love these things infinitely,

Even more for having clawed

My way back from eternity.

Soft fur, your dog at my feet

Howls when the train rolls past.

He howls for thee, and ask not why,

For in the risk of having loved

I’d have come this way eventually.

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