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A bright start and a brighter future!

It has been quite a busy couple of weeks since I last gave an update on our website. We have been busy with quite a few tasks, such as wrapping up the final corrections on our books Stairs to Nowhere and Dark Descent: Winds of Dissonance. We have also started releasing copies of our hand-sewn books in preparation for an upcoming fair. Today, I will be getting into the nitty-gritty of what we've been doing and what you can expect in the oh-so-bright future!

The first is the next in the Dark Descent series. I have been working through the short story Winds of Dissonance and trying to squash as many grammar bugs as I can. This story is one of the longest in the series at 14400 words compared to Forgotten Fate's 7000. I certainly didn't mean to write it that long, yet I couldn't put my pen (okay keyboard) down! This story is a fantastic telling of what happens to Gaiakeya and the military base above the mines after the cataclysmic release of an unknown fire-controlling beast. If all goes as planned, this next installment will be finished within the next week or two!

This isn't the only story that's been worked on. Valerie Campbell is clacking on her keyboard as she puts the finishing touches on her book Stairs to Nowhere, a thriller about a nurse, Elizabeth, hired to care for an old man with no past and no records that he lived at all. What's worse, not days later, Elizabeth finds a body in the wall of the house! And what’s even worse, she’s plagued by dreams and visions, perhaps of her own forgotten past or…something else… This book is planned to be released soon, and once it does, you can bet we'll let you know!

On the events side of the wolfy paw, Valerie and I are about to attend our second event, the Authors of the Bangor Authors' Book Fair & Literary Fest! This is an event being held to celebrate authors and writers of Maine. We both will be attending as authors with hand-sewn copies of our stories available! If you're from Maine, come check us out. If not, spread the word! The more people attending, the better for all authors involved!

We have also been pushing to publish our stores and books on more websites, including Barnes and Noble and Google Books! So far, the paperback edition of Forgotten Fate is available on Amazon. The ebook edition and soon paperback for the same story are available right now on Barnes and Noble! Valerie's Update or Die book will soon be available on Barnes and Noble as well.

There's also internal discussion about whether to open up a store for art prints or not. Art is an avenue that we haven't dabled with yet as I am not a very good artist, and Valerie Campbell can only paint so fast. As she finishes one book cover after another, a new discussion has come to light. Valerie is a very talented artist with many paintings to show. We aren't officially announcing a store, but there may be one coming down the pipeline in the near future!

That's all we have for today! While this may not seem like a lot on paper (heh), all this is a culmination of many years of work mixed with a 7-day-a-week rush for the past month. I hope you all are as excited for the future as we are!

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