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Bursts of Paranormal Vigor

Valerie and Morgan are one step closer to a pre-launch test drive! Dark Descent story 1 is set to release with more on the way.

Hello once again, my fellow fellows, as I continue the tradition of making a news post, followed by forgetting as I get engrossed in writing. The past month has been filled with many discussions, meetings, and figuring out the next year. Today I’m going to be detailing the meat of those discussions and their current plans of action.

The book Dark Descent is in the final phase of editing, with the release of Story 1: Forgotten Fate and Prologue: Wound of the Night set for this month! This will start a monthly release schedule for Stories 1-9, releasing once a month, continuing in September with Story 2: Wind-Swept Desires. There is even talk of making handmade copies, but more on that later.

Valerie Campbell has her nose to the grind, uh, paper? Keyboard? Nose to the clicky keyboard as she works her way through her book Same Stream Twice, a book about a hard-of-hearing mental health counselor navigating her disability while a mystery of her newly bought house on a stream unravels around her. This is a fascinating story with her take on what it’s like to navigate the world with poor hearing and the challenges someone faces as they lose their sense of hearing.

Valerie Campbell also returned to Update or Die with new skills and refreshed vigor to improve the book. Why is she doing this? First, her drive to deliver the best product she can. Second, it’s time to start their adventure into the greater world! What does this mean? Valerie and Morgan have decided to branch out of the office and travel our Maine. Their goal is to visit conventions, libraries, and anywhere they can talk about their books. If that’s successful, then they may branch out further and travel about the country!

With this came a critical discussion point. What to bring? At every table, they plan on bringing handmade copies and previews of their books. This includes Dark Descent Story 1 and a short chapter preview of Update or Die. A short story anthology is also a possibility amongst other potential items, including shirts, stickers, and other fun goodies. These short, handmade copies will only be available at in-person meets, so get them while you can!

There has been a lot of back and forth on how to proceed with the video front. Morgan still plans on doing audio story readings, while Valerie has a video idea of her own to play with. With this came a new concept that’s been in the works for a very long time. As hobbyist ghost hunters, Valerie and Morgan have practiced their skills, and with a few trial recordings under their belt, they have decided to add a third video series to the mix called Something Strange. This series will be about their ghost-hunting adventures and unique, scientific approach to understanding their paranormal experiences.

With that, wraps up the writing blog for the week! Wolf Prints is revving its engines and ready to start the race. There are a lot of exciting plans, so be prepared. Hug your dog, hug your friends, and hug your ghosts. I’ll see you all next week! I swear I won’t forget again.

*Explosion Noise!*

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