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First of Many

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Hello, and welcome to the first weekly news post! This marks the first in a long history of blogs, stories, and updates. Today I’ll discuss what to expect from these posts, important details on our current projects, and what to expect going forward. Without any further jabbering, let’s begin! Each update will bring along an assortment of information, primarily about our current projects and any extra little bit of information I can squeeze out of them. For example, Morgan Campbell is working on two books. The first is called Dark Descent, and the second is A Wolf’s Prey. Both are titles in progress and, of course, not final. From there, I might go into more detail about what it is and how it’s coming along. Dark Descent is a book about the zombie apocalypse. Boring, right? Nope! There’s more to it than a standard human infection. It’s not even about humans. It’s an infection in an alien world. The story goes: A race of aliens known as the Yukkob lose their language in a cataclysmic event they don’t understand, save for one thing. On the day the event happened, another alien species appeared on the planet, and they could understand each other. It was as if they spoke the same language. Many years later, we take the perspective of a reporter seeking answers. Her government has taken up shop in an abandoned mine, and she wants to know why. She and the miners uncover a nightmare worse than they could have imagined. Does this kick off the zombie apocalypse, or is it something worse? You’ll have to find that one out for yourself. I’m not the only one with a book in the works, either! While I would love to talk about a Wolf’s Prey, another person deserves the spotlight. Valerie Campbell, the first in our little business to release a book, titled Update or Die, is working on a few projects of her own, with two more books in the works and plans for a third, but these plans are on hold for one crucial reason. Valerie is a mental health professional that has dedicated much of her life to helping others. Over the past couple of years, she has been planning and working on another powerful book. One that combines her personal experience and the experience from her time spent as a therapist. This book, My Monsters Are Real, is about C-PTSD, its symptoms, what causes it, and her and Morgan’s personal experiences with it. While yes, he is helping with it, this project is spearheaded by Valerie, and it is a marvel to witness! Dark Descent is currently in the editing phase of writing, while My Monsters Are Real is in the writing and research phase. There is no current projection on when they’ll be out, but with any luck, it will be very soon! The future holds many mysteries for us, and predicting it is a power we do not have. However, we do hope for many great things. Books are always going to be priority number 1. There are many plans for more projects. Step one is to see this website through a good, strong launch, and step 2 is to begin work on short story contests and our Patreon. Should that work, our other projects in the early days of planning may someday come to fruition, including a potential soundtrack for the books. Thank you all for your time, and I hope to see you again next week!

*Explosion noise!*

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