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Monsters Unleashed

The monsters have finally been unleashed on this cold October morning. As the sunlight wanes on the seasons and the autumn begins to take over, Valerie Campbell and I are still hard at work in the writer’s dungeon with plentiful news to share. Evil creatures roam the night, murderers lurk around dark corners, and ghosts haunt our houses. Today, you will learn what that all means, what books rest in our haunted library and what we’ve been boiling in the cauldron.

The book Dark Descent, A story of the Yukkob alien race, has finally begun its release cycle! Part 1, Forgotten Fate, takes the perspective of this species after the sudden loss of their language has left them seeking revenge against the Akshaki aliens. Years pass and their thirst for vengeance leads to a group of miners unleashing a horrifying monster that burns everything in its path. It is available now on Amazon! Part 2 is expected to be released in November, following a monthly release cycle till the book is complete. Stick with me till the end for a little snippet of the story.

I will also be releasing a new novella using many short story contest entries. Known as the Bookkeeper’s Catalogue to Catastrophic Creatures, it is an anthology set in the universe of the Immortal City, a secret town of humans, monsters, and other unknown horrors. This catalog is set to be released sometime this month once it’s completed and will be available to purchase at the Maine Witch Walk.

Valerie Campbell also has some fun news to share with you today. The first is her update (heh) of Update or Die is now released. It is intended to fix a few grammatical errors and small story bits, and after debating between two new covers, she decided to keep the original and update the font. All covers that didn’t survive to see the light of publication can be viewed on our Patreon.

That’s not all she’s done. Valerie Campbell has been typing her way through her new story, Stairs to Nowhere and believes it should be set to release soon! It is a story about a nurse caring for an old man who suddenly falls ill and must be hospitalized. While cleaning the house in his stead, the nurse stumbles upon a set of stairs that lead to a wall. The nurse discovers a body buried within that wall after a leak leaves it weakened and falling down.

Stairs to Nowhere is going through its final read-through and is almost ready for publication. We’re smacking down the last (probably not) few mistakes, finishing the book cover, and giving it to the publishers that be. She’s also expecting to release her third book, Same Stream Twice, by the end of this year or early next year.

We’ve also had some more fun publishing news! While clacking away at our books, Valerie Campbell and I also write short stories for contests and small magazine publishers. Winning one is very difficult and a rare joy to have. I’m sure, as you can guess, today marks a different day. We’ve officially won our first contest! Our short stories Tavern on the River and an excerpt of Same Stream Twice will be featured in Rivers of Ink and is set to be released in December at the Bangor Authors Fair and Literary Festival.

This particular festival is important to us for a very good reason. Valerie and I are attending! It will be the second ever event we attend as vendors and writers. We will also be at the Maine Witch Walk in Brewer, A fun one mile costumed walk starting in Brewer and ending on the Bangor Water Front. We will be there with various goodies, art, and hand-sewn books. But don’t just come by for use. Plenty of vendors and artists will be there too!

This wraps up all the news we have to share for now. There’s plenty to look forward to and much to be excited about. The end of this article marks the beginning of Wolf Prints as a business and the start of something fantastic! We can’t wait to see what the future holds, and we look forward to seeing who comes along for the ride!

*Explosion Noise!*

As promised, here is an excerpt of the short Dark Descent: Forgotten Fate:

Prologue: Death of a Culture

On the night when everything changed, General Bavaey, resting after a long day of work, was startled awake by an emergency notification from his communicator wristwatch. He gazed at the notification, its words in an unfamiliar language.

Bavaey leaped from his bed, sending a voice message to a friend on the Council for information, then to his pilot, Captain Tilos. As he spoke into his communicator, Bavaey stopped, unable to recognize the words he said, yet he could understand them.

Is there something wrong with me? He thought to himself.

Bavaey would soon find out that, no, there was not. Captain Tilos spoke the same unfamiliar language, yet they understood each other. As he and his pilot prepared for take-off, worried for the people of Lecinvoe, they received an encoded voice message from an informant on the Council, the current leader of Region 7. The loss of language affected the whole world. Their old language was gone.

General Bavaey of the Yukkob military gazed down from his Ky-Xeos VTOL jet, hovering above the city of Lecinvoe, watching as the people’s panic turned to violence. Bavaey adjusted his communicator’s earpiece and waited for the confidential emergency meeting of the world leaders, the Councilors, to begin. Below him, the Yukkob people ran through the streets, their pink and blue skins contrasting against the dark streets. Their arms and two tails moved in sharp, angry motions as they spoke words from a language, not their own.

His gaze drifted to a yellow caution sign stuck to the wall of his Ky-Xeos. He read this sign many times. He could recite its warning by heart, but now he couldn’t read it. Its familiar letters were illegible. Somehow, the language he had known his whole life no longer made sense.

Bavaey could hear the idle conversations. The members of the Council speaking in an unfamiliar language, yet he could understand them. They spoke about the same thing he was thinking. How was any of this possible? Someone smacked a gavel, quieting the idle conversations from each of the nine Council members.

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