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The Apocalypse has Begun

Dark Descent: Red Sky – Cold Earth has been released!

Dark Desscent red sky-cold earth water color book cover depicting a ball of fire traveling through a burning city.

You can pick up the thrilling third part today. Continue your journey following the tale of the Yukkob reporter, Gaiakeya.

After being forced to evacuate from the salt mines of Region 2, she is now returning to her hometown of Cerberus, unaware of the dire situation behind her. That is, until she sees an ominous blue light, and the very air around the salt canyon freezes.

Above her, an evacuation shuttle streaks across the sky, confirming her worst fears. The military failed. The fire monster escaped the mines with his hoard of undead Black-Shelled Yukkob.  

The apocalypse has begun.

You can buy parts 1, 2 and 3 on Amazon, Google Books, and Barnes and Noble here. Scroll down just a bit further and you’ll find the new teaser for Part 4: Ascended Struggle, which is planned to be released by the end of February.

Are you new to the series?

Part 1: Forgotten Fate is the harrowing beginning of Gaiakeya, who finds herself trapped underground with a creature who controls fire so hot it can melt metal with a single touch.

Part 2: Whirlwinds of Dissonance follows the story of Risjias, a Major whose military encampment finds itself under siege by a dangerous new foe: the fire monster that slaughtered everyone in the mines below.

Both of these are available on Amazon, Google Books, and Barnes and Noble for both digital (only $0.99) and physical ($4.99) here!


Explosion Noise!

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