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The Haunted House
Haunted House
Ghost Train

I heard it again tonight. The ghost train that haunted the train tracks two houses away from my home. I could tell it was the ghost train because it sounded different. Like a freight train but heavier. Its horn was deeper and brassy, like a tuba that blasted its way across the tracks. I’d finally decided to see it for myself.

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Too Cold for Ice Cream

She glanced outside her window. “It’s still out there! I can hear it. The music doesn’t stop anymore. It just doesn’t STOP!” Phoebe cried into her phone.

“Why haven’t you called the police?” Her friend Marissa asked.

“I have!” She shouted, slapping a hand to her mouth and glancing between her curtains. She could see the ice cream truck headlights piercing through the fog.

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A Bloodless Hunt

Charlie Marsh entered his apartment, reviewing the target’s details given by his anonymous employer. Someone put out a hit for the serial killer named Jamie Martin.

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A Hunter in the Dark

Gunnar Viermetz, a hunter for a specialized organization, scanned the side door of his reinforced white van. He looked at his contract for details about the animal his bosses wanted him to hunt. It was large, covered in fur, and was killing people.

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Gift of Old

A young, dark blond woman with a backpack checked the list of stores in her hand. Of the seven names, she crossed out four. She checked her phone for directions to the antique store Gifts of Old. She put her phone away and read the back of the paper, a set of instructions she should follow if she ever encountered a demon or spirit. Never tell them your name. Always say goodbye. Keep your words short and to the point, or they’ll manipulate what you say. Do not accept any offers.

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