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Dark Descent
Story 1: Forgotten Fate
Forgotten Fate Cover Front B.png

What if you woke up one day to find the language you spoke was replaced with another? Imagine seeing your native language, so familiar, yet you can’t understand a single word or letter. That was the experience of an alien race, the Yukkob, whose language was obliterated by another foreign species known as the Akshaki.

The leadership of the Yukkob, the Council, spent many years searching for the culprits until their pursuit led them to an unassuming salt mine in Region 2. A young reporter, Gaiakeya, is sent to investigate the mine, suspicious of the Council’s motivation for initiating the excavation.

The miners unwittingly uncover a monster with an obsidian-black shell and a drive to kill. Now, she must hide from a creature with the power to control fire so hot it can melt steel with a single touch. Will Gaiakeya and the miners escape the underground deathtrap, or will they burn in the inferno?

This short 7,000-word story is part 1 of 9 of a 85,000-word book to be released over the course of 2023 and 2024.

Available now on in e-book and paperback!

Also available on Barnes and Noble and Google Books!

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Story 2: Whirlwind of Dissonance
Salt Canyon Cover C.jpg

They cost us everything. All ancient texts, documents, and any culture, and knowledge of the Yukkob was lost in just one single day. They're to blame. The Akshaki did this to us. We've lost so much knowledge and for what? Now our people suffer. Countless jobs are lost. Countless lives are lost because of their hubris!

So I ask, fellow members of the council, to help me find the rest of their kind on our world and drive them away before they can do any more damage. Let us ride our people of their horrific magic and be free from another future travesty!

Coming Soon!
Wind-Swept Desire
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