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Dark Descent
Story 1: Forgotten Fate
Forgotten Fate Cover Front B.png

What if you woke up one day to find the language you spoke was replaced with another? Imagine seeing your native language, so familiar, yet you can’t understand a single word or letter. That was the experience of an alien race, the Yukkob, whose language was obliterated by another foreign species known as the Akshaki.

The leadership of the Yukkob, the Council, spent many years searching for the culprits until their pursuit led them to an unassuming salt mine in Region 2. A young reporter, Gaiakeya, is sent to investigate the mine, suspicious of the Council’s motivation for initiating the excavation.

The miners unwittingly uncover a monster with an obsidian-black shell and a drive to kill. Now, she must hide from a creature with the power to control fire so hot it can melt steel with a single touch. Will Gaiakeya and the miners escape the underground deathtrap, or will they burn in the inferno?

This short 7,000-word story is part 1 of 9 of an 85,000-word book to be released over the course of 2023 and 2024.

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Story 2: Whirlwind of Dissonance
Dark Descent WoD Cover KDP.jpg

The salt mine Region 2 military encampment is on alert after a Yukkob with an obsidian-black shell was discovered by two gate guards. Major Risjias, the acting commander of the base, General Bavaey, and Councilor Dulis are gathered to uncover the mystery behind this creature. Their worries worsen when the identity of the fire monster is discovered to be an Akshaki, a member of the species that stole their language.

With more questions than answers, General Bavaey struggles to maintain order and control over the base as Councilor Dulis attempts to supersede his authority. Tensions rise as their encampment is under siege by a new force: Yukkob with an obsidian black shell. As councilor and general struggle for control, the two sides must fight to keep the Akshaki from escaping the base and threatening the safety of their world.

This short 18,000-word story is part 2 of 9 of an 85,000-word book to be released over the course of 2023 and 2024.

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Story 3: Red Sky - Cold Earth
Red Sky-Cold Earth Cover Kindle.jpg

The young reporter, Gaiakeya, must return home after a narrow escape from Region 2's salt mines. When a burst of blue light freezes the very air of the military encampment she left a short time before, Gaiakeya fears the worst is to come. What if the dead miners that came back to life escape? What if the black-shelled Akshaki, with fire so hot it can melt steel with a touch, finds her city? What if more Yukkob are revived? Could the Black-Shelled Yukkob break through the military? Were they all going to die?

Once Gaiakeya returns to her news station, her boss realizes she is in serious danger. The young reporter has seen the Akshaki. The Council will come for her. Just as she was preparing to flee, the fire-wielding monster and the Black-Shelled Yukkob attack the city. Her worst fears have come true. The Akshaki is coming.

This short 8,000-word story is part 3 of 9 of an 85,000-word series to be released over the course of 2023 and 2024.

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Story 4: Ascended Struggle
Forest Temple Teaser_edited.jpg

-Recovered Transmission-

Scout teams report the appearance of Black-Shelled Yukkob outside of Cerberus City limits. We do not know how they've moved so quickly. At the rate of travel, we believe they will be in CR4-RC within the hour. City guards and local troops are advised to retreat within city limits and prepare for defense. The Aksahki that led the assault on Cerberus will come. I don't know if we can survive its wrath.

-Transmission terminated-

-Source: Revicae City-

-Military Reinforcement Requested-

-Requesting Status Update on CR4-

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Story 5: Drowned Fury


This notice is a warning to all who enter the Xyst swamps. Many dangerous animals live in this area, but none are as dangerous as the Etherians. If you or anyone with you experience changes in mood, see lights or fires that have no explainable source, or see a black, four-legged mammalian beast, you must do the following:

1. If you experience sudden and severe mood changes, do not act on these feelings. They are not real. You must leave the immediate area until the feelings subside.

2. If someone you know is experiencing them, remove them from the area until the emotions subside. Encourage them to avoid the use of these emotions. Restraining may be necessary.

3. If you see a light or flame with no noticeable source, do not approach it. It will try to get your attention. It will want you to follow it. Ignore the light and leave the area.

4. If you see a black, four-legged mammalian beast, something that does not exist in this region, you are to leave the forest immediately. If it follows you, then you are marked for death. There is nothing more that can be done.

-Caution sign for Xyst Regional Park-

-Source: Region 5: Xyst swamp-

-Notice on the dangers of Etherians-

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Wind-Swept Desire
Red Sky
Upward Push
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